About Lapis

The best Lapis Lazuli is found in Afghanistan but can also be found in Russia and smaller amounts in the USA and Canada.

Lapis has remained popular over thousands of years dating back to 3000bc and the time of the Pharos. 

It was highly valued by the Ancient Egyptians. Amulets and pieces of jewellery where found in tombs and used in part of King Tutankamun's mask.

In some cultures it is considered a holy stone with refereces about Lapis Lazuli in the bible and many classic texts have documented the value of the stone spiritully, claiming it encourages harmony.

Before 1834 (when it became possible to produce such a blue colour synthetically) Lapis was ground into a powder and stirred with binding agents to create blue watercolours, temera and oil paints. Many pictures of the Madona were created using this paint.


All jewellery on our online shop is available in a variety of different stones including Lapis. All designed and created in our onsite workshop in Castleton in the Peak District.

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