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About Fordite

Particularly well-known amongst car enthusiasts, fordite is formed from the build-up of layers of enamel paint, often found on the tracks on which cars were spray painted. 

Over time these layers hardened through numerous baking cycles and were then scraped from the tracks and polished to reveal stunning layers of colour.


History of Fordite

Typically associated with cities known for their car manufacturing, Fordite took various nicknames as Detroit Agate or Motor City Agate. As the production of automobiles changed over the years fordite became increasing rare, as cars were no longer hand-painted and so the process to the form the stone was obsolete. Fordite however is not considered rare, as a surplus of the recycled material still exists from this era.


Pairing Fordite

One quality of fordite is that every piece is very unique. What type of metal to pair it with depends very much on the layers of colour in your stone. All of the jewellery in our collections are handcrafted and can be made using the fordite. Browse our online store and when viewing an item, select the type of stone you would like from the drop-down menu.

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