About Bumblebee Jasper

Characterised by its vivid markings this unusual  stone is named rather obviously as it's appearance and likening to that of a bumblebee. 

Found in the vents of volcanoes including those situated in Bali, this beautifully marked stone resembling lava like veins of blacks, oranges and yellows is known to local Indonesian craftsmen as "Batu Badar Blerang" which translates to Badar stone sulphur.

Bumblee Jasper is composed of various volcanic minerals including sulphur, anhydrite and hematite.

It is believed to ease emotional stress, increasing ones confidence and taking responsibility for ones actions, accepting a change and giving a positive outlook. Also believed to help with allergies, abdominal issues, the nervous system, the heart and circulatory system disorders. 


All jewellery on our online shop is available in a variety of different stones including Bumblee Jasper. All designed and created in our onsite workshop in Castleton in the Peak District.

Stone Type
Bumblee Jasper