About Malachite

Malachite forms as a secondary mineral of copper when copper minerals are altered by other chemicals. This occurs when carbonated water interacts with copper minerals or when a copper solution reacts with limestone.

It is commonly found but the best quality malachite is found in Africa. 

The differet shades and bands of colour makes each one unique.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans would grind Malachite and use it for it's rich pigment as eyeshadow. They believed it would protect them from the evil eye. All through history Malachite has been used to protect children from dangers of the world and is known as the guardian stone of the travellers as it provides protection and security.

Scorpio birthstone. 


All jewellery on our online shop is available in a variety of different stones including Malachite. All designed and created in our onsite workshop in Castleton in the Peak District.

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