About Whitby Jet

Whitby Jet is one of the earliest gemstones used to create artefacts and items of jewellery. It's geological history starts in the middle of the Jurassic era some 150 million years ago at the bottom of the Liasic sea which covered most of our homeland. Fossil evidence of this facinateing era is abundant and easily detected in the cliffs and beaches that adjourn Whitby to the North and South.

In 1850 Whitby Jet was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of London and soon became coverted by a number of high royal persons including Queen of Bauaria and the Empress of France but Whitby Jet's most prolific patron was Queen Victoria. When her beloved Albert died Victoria took to wearing Whitby Jet jewellery in remembrance of him.

The wearing of Whitby Jet jewellery was often a display of weath or used to bestow some protection upon the wearer. Jet is used in crysal healing for ailments ranging from epilepsy, migraines, toothache and stomach pain.

All of this history and cultural heritage is condensed and confined to just seven and a half miles of the north Yorkshire coastline where all of our finest Whitby Jet is sourced. 


All jewellery on our online shop is available in a variety of different stones including Whitby Jet. All designed and created in our onsite workshop in Castleton in the Peak District.

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Whitby Jet